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Chronic Pain Treatment Program – Mind-Body Medicine

Do you struggle with chronic pain and symptoms that don’t seem to go away despite all the physical treatments and interventions you’ve tried?

You may have what is called neuroplastic pain and Mind-Body Coaching can help.

What many people often don’t realize is that their pain is actually produced in the brain, not in the body.

The brain misinterprets signals from the body and processes them as if they were dangerous. So, you feel real pain even when there is no damage to the body. This is simply a “false alarm” from your brain. The brain then sends the feeling of pain back to the body. This is called Neuroplastic Pain.

Mind-Body Coaching is a cutting-edge approach that helps you reprocess pain using your mind, science-based tools, and strategies to reclaim your life from pain and feel empowered and safe to return to an active lifestyle.

As your Mind-Body Coach, I help you tune in to what your body is telling you, and what your mind is believing so that you can create the results you desire with how you want to feel and how you want your lifestyle to be.

When you work with me 1:1, you will:

  1. Understand how your pain is produced, what causes it, and how it’s processed. 
  2. Learn the latest neuroscience strategies and tools, and how to implement them in your daily life to take back control of your pain and prevent it from coming back. 
  3. Learn how to overcome your fears and worries, and reduce your anxiety and stress levels. 
  4. Learn how to feel calmer, happier, resilient, and safe in all aspects of your life. 
  5. Uncover self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your goals.
  6. Re-program your brain to interpret your physical symptoms or pain through a lens of safety, as opposed to danger, so that you can live at your full potential and feel amazing.
  7. Feel empowered to live an active lifestyle, and embrace your maturing body gracefully.
  8. Learn how to prioritize your self-care without feeling guilty.
  9. Learn how to welcome uncertainty, develop self-discipline skills, create motivation, and build a positive self-belief system.

If you feel like your chronic pain is controlling you, negatively impacting your life, and all you want more than anything in the world is a way out, Mind-Body Coaching might just be what you need.  

Click here to book your 1-hour FREE consultation call with me to learn more about whether you might have neuroplastic pain and how Mind-Body Coaching can help you transform your life. This call is specifically designed to see if this program is the right fit for you. 

Guideline list to help you determine if you might be experiencing Neuroplastic Pain:

  1. Pain originated during times of stress.
  2. Pain originated without injury.
  3. Symptoms are inconsistent.
  4. Large number of symptoms.
  5. Symptoms spread or move around.
  6. Symptoms triggered by stress.
  7. Symptoms that have nothing to do with your body (in other words, pain that fluctuates depending on the weather, sounds, smells, or even time of day).
  8. Symmetrical symptoms (both knees, ankles, and wrists at the same time).
  9. Delayed pain (after an activity – hours or days or weeks after).
  10. Childhood adversity (This does not have to mean Trauma – Anything that made you feel unsafe growing up can predispose you to chronic pain).
  11. Common personality traits that tend to put the brain on “high-alert”:
    1. Perfectionism 
    2. Conscientiousness 
    3. People pleasing
    4. Anxiousness
  12. Lack of physical diagnosis (when doctors are unable to find any clear cause for your pain).

If you see yourself in some of these sections or even all of them, it may be evidence that your pain is neuroplastic and Mind-Body Coaching can help with this. If you are unsure, book a free consultation for guidance. 

Yours in health,

Valerie Beaulieu

Certified Athletic Therapist / Certified Life Coach, Mind-Body Specialist / Clinic Founder and Owner


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  • Evidence-based injury prevention and recovery information
  • Fun tips and tricks on living an active lifestyle
  • Mindset advice on managing pain and injury