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New Program For Chronic Pain!

Accepting New Clients Now!

After 17 years working as an Athletic Therapist assessing and rehabilitating acute and chronic injury and pain, continuously researching, studying, completing a Life Coach Certification, and developing treatment programs, I am NOW ready to offer my brand new Mind-Body Coaching program for Chronic Pain!!!!

This is specifically for those of you who are continuously struggling with unresolved chronic pain or symptoms despite all the physical treatments, interventions and medication you try.

Since pain is produced in the brain, and not in the body, the treatment approach must focus on the brain and the nervous system in order to heal chronic pain, NOT the physical structure of the body.

This is what we call Mind-Body Medicine. This type of medicine is scientifically backed up by numerous clinical studies that have confirmed it to be the most effective approach to date for healing chronic pain.

My Mind-Body Coaching Program is a cutting-edge approach that helps you reprocess pain using your mind, science-based tools, and strategies to stop the pain, reclaim your life and feel empowered and safe to return to an active lifestyle you desire.

These following criteria are guidelines that can help you determine if a Mind-Body approach is what you may need to heal your chronic pain:


👉Pain originated during times of stress.



👉Pain originated without injury.



👉Symptoms that are inconsistent.



👉Large number of symptoms.



👉Physical symptoms that spread or move around.



👉Symptoms triggered by stress.



👉Symptoms that have nothing to do with your body (in other words, pain that fluctuates depending on the weather, sounds, smells, or even time of day).



👉Symmetrical symptoms (pain in both knees, ankles, and wrists at the same time).



👉Delayed pain (after an activity – hours or days or weeks after).



👉Childhood adversity (Anything that made you feel unsafe growing up can predispose you to chronic pain).


👉Common personality traits that tend to put the brain on “high-alert” and may predispose you to chronic pain:

  • Perfectionism
  • Conscientiousness
  • People pleasing
  • Anxiousness


👉Lack of physical diagnosis (when doctors are unable to find any clear cause for your pain).


If you feel like your chronic pain is controlling you, negatively impacting your life, and all you want more than anything in the world is a way out, Mind-Body Coaching might just be what you need.

My current 12-week program (2 sessions/week around 45 minutes each) is starting on August 21st and I only have 5 spots available!! These sessions are all through Zoom calls so that you can be in the comfort of your own home.

The unique Mind-Body Coaching program is $2,400 or 3 payments of $900.

Click here to book your 1-hour FREE consultation call with me to see if this is the right fit for you.

Yours in health,


ProActive Blog

New Program For Chronic Pain!

Accepting New Clients Now!

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