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The Benefits of Athletic Therapy Pre/Post Surgery

Have the best possible outcome during your recovery.

Has your surgery been postponed or canceled due to the Covid pandemic, leaving you struggling with pain or a lack of mobility? While Athletic Therapists can’t speed up your surgery date, we can help you prepare to have the best possible outcome during your recovery. An Athletic Therapist will help you prepare so that you can be at your best prior to surgery, achieve greater outcomes after surgery, and speed up your recovery. We also help you understand the important aspects of your post-surgery rehabilitation, which has been proven to increase your strength and stamina following your surgery.

How can Athletic Therapy help you BEFORE surgery?

Pre surgery rehab, or “prehab”, if you will, contributes to a faster post-operation recovery. Not only will an Athletic Therapist help with exercises and stretches to work on before surgery, ensuring you are giving yourself the strongest possible head start to recovery, we will also work with you to plan mentally for the surgery itself and immediately after. How will you get home? How long will you need to rest for, and when can you safely start moving again? How long will the recovery last? When can you get back to work or into your activity/sport? Will you need a cane or walker after surgery? These are all questions your Athletic Therapist can and will help you prep and plan for.

How can Athletic Therapy help you AFTER surgery?

Athletic Therapists will help speed up your recovery process after surgery and will help empower you with being and feeling stronger as well as provide you with a re-injury prevention plan, both physically and mentally. We follow the rehabilitation process timeline in a safe and effective manner, ensuring you heal properly without reinjuring yourself or tearing sutures. Athletic Physio is more focused and specialized on musculoskeletal issues than regular physio, and we will work with you on a specialized and focused plan for your active recovery.

Athletic Therapists will help you increase range of motion, increase strength and flexibility, and get you back to doing the activity you love, safely and quickly. If you’d like an assessment, please contact us at or call 613-276-8884.

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